Target Platforms

gvSIG Mini is an application with two platform running environments:

Android phones

Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as phones, notebooks, etc., initially developed by Google and later by the Open Handset Alliance.
You can download gvSIG Mini for Android version.

gvSIG Mini has two distributions for different Android operative systems versions:

Android version






gvSIG Mini






gvSIG Mini for 1.5






*Low UI Resolution

Java phones.

Java compatible phones are those which support Java ME CLDC specifications (generally known as Java compatible phones). See your phone specifications to check if your phone supports Java Micro Edition (ME) CLDC 1.1 / MIDP 2.0. You can download gvSIG Mini for Java version.


gvSIG Mini offers a full set of features for browsing around:

Multiple Layers



Multiple Map Layers (satellite images and standard maps).

Support for OGC's WMS and WMS-C layers

Multitouch support on Android 2+


Android search


QuickZoom: SlideBar or DoubleTap

Android search button support

Desktop tileset generator. Phone Cache is a tile generator for gvSIG Mini


Off-line mode

New layers

Share your location: Twitter, SMS, Email, Facebook...

Low bandwidth usage and offline usage

Search for new layers configuration

Compass & navigation

Different screens


Compass support and 2D Navigation Mode

Compatible with Low and High Screen Resolutions. Portrait and Lansdcape orientation.

Route finder between points

Map downloads


My Location

Map Tiles downloader from the phone for offline mode

Address and Points Of Interest search

GPS, Cell and WiFi GeoLocation positioning

Street View

Street View integration

Layers list

gvSIG Mini comes with a set of layers pre-configured out of the box, which can be expanded with new layers. Existing layers are

OpenStreetMap (Mapnik)

PNOA (Spain)

ICC Topo (Spain-Cat)

ICC Geology (Spain-Cat)

OSM CycleMap

Cloudmade (Fresh)

Yandex Maps (Russia)

OpenStreetMap (Osmarender)

Cartociudad (Spain)

ICC Orto (Spain-Cat)

Ordnance Survey (UK)


Cloudmade (FineLine)

FreeMap (Slovakia)

If you know a useful free map service that could be added to gvSIG Mini, please tell us at gvsigmini at prodevelop dot es.