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gvSIG Mini for Java

Direct download from your phone

  • You can download and install gvSIG Mini for Java directly from your phone's web browser via this web:

Latest stable version gvSIG Mini for Java

Which version should I download?

Setup instructions

Click here to view the installation manuals.

Development versions

Here you can download the latest available binary builds of gvSIG Mini for Java.


Signed Version

Unsigned Version

BlackBerry Version

Source repository


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^gvSIG Mini for Java 0.11.70.zip]


Features added / bugs corrected from the previous binary build:

  • Added touch pan and buttons to perform zoom
  • Added double buffer map drawing
  • Added zoom interpolation

Archive binaries

Older stable versions

There are no older versions so far.

Distribution details.

Distribution & License Information

All gvSIG Mini files are licensed under GNU / GPL v.2.

All files downloaded from this site are subject to license regulations. Please read the following files:

  •  readme.txt: Generic distribution details.
  •  leeme.txt: Detalles genéricos de la distribución en español.
  •  license.txt: Full text of GNU General Public License version 2. Texto completo en inglés de la licencia GNU General Public License version 2.
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