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PhoneCache extension allows, from gvSIG 1.1.2 interface, build a cache of cartography tiles, over everything web map service available, over everywhere and every zoom level. This way, gvSIGMini users will not download images in your mobile phone via internet.
This new extension adds gvsig toolbar a new icon and a new menu named gvSIGMini. You can begin the setup caching process from this place. To push PhoneCache icon, gvSIG shows a new gvSIG view with a WMS layer "Blue Marble" and a simple panel that it allows: 

  • Select one web map service from list
  • Define download region through the longitude and latitude, minimum and maximum. To define the place parameters, you must surf to view with Blue Marble WMS layer, until you see the region that you want store. 
  • Define the zoom levels. The zoom level 0 has a  small scale factor, cartography has little detail, while zoom levels near 18 represent a big scale factor, cartography has many detail.
  • Select the disc folder to store the images cache

One time, you have defined the download parameters of cartography, you must to push "Caching" button that it launchs the process.
You must to copy cache images in your mobile phone inner memory of mobile phone or in your card memory. Always in the folder defined in gvSIGMini. This way,  gvSIGMini runs in internet desconected mode.

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