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  • How-To Install Moskitt Geo Plug-in

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By this way, the tool can be used from any folder or device on which you have writing and reading
permissions: pen drives, USB hard drives, etc. Once the unzipped folder is saved, double-click on
the icon called "MOSKitt" to start the tool.

NOTE : In for Linux OS , maybe users: Maybe will be necessary grant execution permission to the "MOSKitt" file.
NOTE for Windows XP users: If you can't execute MOSkitt.exe try editing MOSkitt.ini and change -Xmx1024m for -Xmx768m.

To Install Geo Plugin

When Moskitt is executed the first step is to select the location of the workspace to be used. In order to create a new workspace, indicate the location of a directory which does not exist. In this case, the tool creates the folder and the workspace. In the case that you indicate the path of an existing workspace, its content is loaded