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  • Add GPS survey capabilities to gvSIG Mini and shapefile driver

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GSoC proposal

Adding GPS survey capabilities to gvSIG Mini and shapefile driver

1. Introduction

Add the capability to store obtained GPS data into vectorial formats due to open it later in gvSIG Mini or
another gis mobile or desktop application.

2. Background

Nowadays gvsig mini can obtain the gps data in order to get the mobile position at current time,
but don't have the capability to store it into any vector format.

3. The idea

Get profit of the GPS data to digitize points of interest or even tracks or buildings.
In order to do that a new tool is needed. This tool starts to store the GPS data into a new file created
at the sdcard. When the user finish the operation, can edit the data to set values to every one point from
controled value lists. This lists can be edited by users to choose the most appropiate values for its work.
When all metadata is set then it will be stored as shapefile, and/or gpx.

First of all the tool can digitize points, then this tool will be able to digitized paths(lines)
or buildings(polygons), with a new tool that expects that the user sets the start and finish points of every

By now gvSIG Mini can't open shapefiles, beose of that a new driver must be implemented. The expected result is
draw the new digitized elements on the screen map.

4. Project plan

1st week:

Problem analisis, obtain gvSIG mini source code and start compilation to android.

2nd week:

Add New dummy tool to gvSIG Mini

3rd week:

ESRI Shapefile writer for gvsig mini.

4th week:

Get GPS data and store it in a memory vector data.

5th week:

Use the ESRI shapefile writer to save GPS data.

6th week:

New menu to set values to points.

7th week:

Controled Values Lists from properties files used to fill the new menu.

8th week:

Add the menu to the GPS survey tool and store obtained data with shapefile writer

9th week:

Analisis to add new tool for digitized lines and polygons

10th week:

New tool for start and end digitize with GPS for polygons and lines.

11th week:

Actualize survey menu with controled value lists for polygons and lines

12th week:

SHP file driver reader analisis

13th week:

Implement of basic memory shp driver.

14th week:

Write Documents

15th week:

Pencils down.