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GeoSpatatial Data Base Design Moskitt GEO

Moskitt Geo is a plugging that adds spatial support to the Moskitt database design. It has been possible due the collaboration between the Moskitt developer team and the geospatial solutions developer team. This plugging adds new special primitive data type, Geometry, that can be configured to set spatial data base restrictions.

Geometry Restrictions that can be applied to the Spatial Data Base:

Defined Geometry Types:
  • Unknown Geometry
  • Point
  • Line
  • Polygon
  • MultiPoint
  • MultiLine
  • MultiPolygon
  • Geometry Collection
Coordinate Dimension Restrictions:
  • 2-Dimension
  • 3-Dimension
  • 4-Dimension
EPSG based Reference System:

Include an easy projection finder by name or code and translate automatically the code to set Oracle Locator reference systems.
Also allows validate the reference system, providing approximate coordinate bounds.
This finder shows the reference system metadata.

Spatial Indexes:
  • Without Spatial Index
  • R-Tree
  • Quad Tree
  • GIST
Coordinate Tolerance:

Restriction only applied to Oracle Locator allowing set the estimated coordinate error.

Coordinate Bounds:

Restriction applied to Oracle in order to set the table geometry bounds.

The main goal is to allow data base managers to generate data base schemas with geometry data. Starting their design from the UML class diagram, executing the new UML Class Diagram to Data Base Diagram Spatial Transformation, until launch the last Transformation depending on the final selected data base with spatial support, where the Database Schema become to a DDL (Data Description Language). This file contains the right SQL queries.

Moskitt GEO adds geometry support for the following databases:

  • Oracle 10g Locator or Spatial
  • PostgreSQL with postGIS extension
  • MySQL

New Geometries auto-detection at Reversing Process

One of the main advantages it is that the reverse engineering process increases the geospatial database support for Oracle 10g Locator, PostgreSQL and MySQL, by supporting the new Geometry data type, auto detecting possible geometry constraints associated to each column.


Moskitt Geo installation needs 1.3.0 or greater Moskitt version installed first. Can be founded on the download Moskitt site, the next step it is install the new update site following the how-to with the URL