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1. OTA installation (Over-the-air)

You can download and install gvSIG Mini directly from your phone's web browser via this web:

2. Manual installation

If you do not have Internet connection or your telephone doesn't allow OTA installation you can proceed with the manual installation of gvSIG Mini.

You can download latest gvSIG Mini binary files (jad and jar files) from your PC and transfer them to your phone via Bluetooth or copying the files to the SD card. Once the files have been copied you should access the gvSIGMini jad file and by clicking it the installation should start.

Check the Download section to get the latest gvSIG Mini binary builds.

3. Configuring gvSIG Mini permissions

If you are able to download and install gvSIG Mini successfully you must consider read carefully the User manual to start and give permissions to gvSIG Mini