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  • Integrating OGR library into gvSIG Mini
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Integrating OGR library into gvSIG Mini

1. Introduction

By integrating the OGR library into gvSIG Mini we could get not only access to read the several vector formats it supports, but also write outputs and perform transformations between them as many desktop GIS application do.

2. Background

At this moment, gvSIG gets access to a reduced list of file formats and transformations.

3. The idea

The main idea behind this project is about integrating the OGR library into gvSIG Mini. The OGR library provides several capabilities for simple features vector data; however it should be mentioned that OGR is also part of the GDAL source tree, so that by integrating OGR we do integrate GDAL as well, getting access to GDAL raster capabilities(for future developments). This proposal improves the application interoperability, and in general terms, the supported range of geoprocesses and transformations.

Once the solution is adapted and compiled, we would proceed to adapt and connect the full OGR data model with the data model gvSIG works with. In this way it is expected to have a proper visualization no matter on which fileformat is intended to be used.

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