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  • How to build the gvSIG Mini workspace in Eclipse
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How to build the gvSIG Mini workspace


Download and configure this tools on your computer.


Checkout these projects:

svn checkout https://svn.prodevelop.es/public/gvsigmini/gvsig_mini_libraries/trunk/encryption/es.prodevelop.android.common.encrypt
svn checkout https://svn.prodevelop.es/public/gvsigmini/design/trunk/com_markupartist_android_widget_actionbar
svn checkout https://svn.prodevelop.es/public/gvsigmini/gvsig_mini_libraries/trunk/gvsig_mini_base es.prodevelop.gvsig.mini.lib
svn checkout https://svn.prodevelop.es/public/gvsigmini/gvsig_mini_libraries/trunk/gvsig_mini es.prodevelop.gvsig.mini
svn checkout https://svn.prodevelop.es/public/gvsigmini/gvsig_mini_gpe/trunk/es.prodevelop.gvsig.mini.gpe

Execute gvSIG Mini

Import projects in Eclipse, click on the gvSIG Mini project and Run as... -> Android application


If you have any problem with this tutorial you can ask for Support

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