Geo-location services

List of services that provide geo-located data and an API to access them. It would be interesting study them, look for similarities and differences and select a subset of them to support.

  • The main objective should be give support to social services, all of them are quite similar: Panoramio, Flickr, Wikipedia, Twitter, Minube, Foursquare, Flickr, Buzz, Youtube, LastFM, Myspace, Lonely Planet, ...
  • It would be nice to look at Cloudmade, MapQuest and Nominatim as their API are valuables.
  • API Directory
  • What's that? Open Social
  • An interesting paper of ESRI's REST geo-services specification. Provide geo location services with a REST API and JSON responses is not a crazy thing (tongue).
  • We can also take a look at JSON of Geoportal of CV


Complete this page with interesting links and information about Geo location APIs