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gvSIG Mini for Android

gvSIG Mini for Android is the version of gvSIG Mini suitable for Android-based phones.
Here you can download the latest stable version of gvSIG Mini for Android platform, as well as previous stable versions and unstable development versions.

Latest stable version gvSIG Mini for Android

Install gvSIG Mini for Android 1.2.2 from Android Market directly with QR codes shown below.

gvSIG Mini 1.2.2 Android versions 1.6 or higher.


gvSIG Mini 1.1.0 Android version 1.5 only.


Development versions

  Here you can download the latest available binary builds of gvSIG Mini for Android.

  The latest generated build is stable version 1.2.2 Older builds below.

Source code repository

Source code is available at our Subversion repository:


Download a ZIP file with all the source code (4.7 MB)

Check this link to learn how to start develop with gvSIG Mini

Archive binaries

Older stable versions:

Build Number



Android version


gvSIG Mini 1.1.0

src - SVN

>= 1.6


gvSIG Mini 1.0.0

src - SVN

>= 1.6


gvSIG Mini 1.0.0

src - SVN


Distribution details.

Distribution & License Information

All gvSIG Mini files are licensed under GNU / GPL v.2.

All files downloaded from this site are subject to license regulations. Please read the following files:

  •  readme.txt: Generic distribution details.
  •  leeme.txt: Detalles genéricos de la distribución en español.
  •  license.txt: Full text of GNU General Public License version 2. Texto completo en inglés de la licencia GNU General Public License version 2.
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